Driver Interviews

Listed below are interviews with some of Quicksilver’s long time drivers and employees.

Q: Was there anything particular with Quicksilver that pushed you to apply with us? 
A: I had just got laid off do to my previous employer downsizing their company. I had taken a few months off and decided I had to get back to working. I remembered seeing all the cars for Quicksilver driving around and that might be something I’d enjoy doing. 

Q: Is there a memory or an experience that stands out in your time? 
A: One thing that stands out is not specific memories but all the people I’ve met. Whether it’s fellow employees or our customers, I have lots of friends because I work for Quicksilver. 

Q: Why do you remain devoted to Quicksilver after 18 years? 
A: “I feel valued by management and I earn a very good living” 

Q: What is it about Quicksilver that inspires you? 
A: “The good people that I work with keep me motivated and loyal to the company. My relationship with dispatchers, customer service, and management are all parts of my success here”. 

Q: What is it about Quicksilver that keeps you here? 
A: “Honestly, Quicksilver pays better than the other companies.” 

Q: So you have driven for other companies? 
A: “Yes, in the past, when I was between jobs.” 

Q: Earnings are important, but are there other reasons you stay working for us? 
A: “As I said, the pay is great. I know and talk to other drivers who work for other companies, so I know Quicksilver definitely pays better, but Quicksilver is also conscious about safety and promotes a better work ethic. We have higher standards.” 

Q: What keeps you here at Quicksilver? 
A: “The thrill of the chase. It’s always something different and exciting.” 

Q: Why did you stay at Quicksilver for so many years? 
A: “No two days are the same. Everyday is challenging, they’re filled with solving issues. When you hear people say you have to love what you’re doing, that’s a true statement.” 

Quicksilver loves our drivers and we always make sure they are taken care of.

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